Sunday, May 4, 2008

The project:

SPECTACLE: A New Work in Dance Theater

From Classical to ‘Gypsy’… Natural to Contemporary… Passionate to Divine…

This performance leads us through the contrasts and fusions in the works of Patricia Passo and Colleena Shakti.

Elemental dance forms:
-Odissi classical Indian dance
-Western classical and contemporary dance
-Rajasthani ‘Gypsy’ dance
-Oriental fusion / Tribal fusion ‘belly dance’

INTEGRATION: Expert Dance Instruction

Dance workshop topics:

1. FORM: Postures, balance, turns, movement quality, etc.
· Western classical / contemporary dance technique
· Indian classical dance technique
· Applying Western and Indian methods in unified movement

2. FEELING: Experience and expression through traditional folkloric dances.
· Flamenco
· Indian/ Rajasthani
· Comparative movement

3. FUSION: Applying foundational tools in a fusion choreography.

What is The Red Lotus...

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